Nerve research: Den Helder, OT301, LekArt

Landscape photography by Iris Woutera, as research for project Nerve.

Nerve research

02-2021 / 07-2021

An observation of how people, objects and natural materials move through the landscape. Exploring the countless forms in which people interact with the landscape and the landscape’s influence on people.

The landscape of the home, the neighbourhood, the city, the country and the world. What is the influence of scale on our perception?

How do we distinguish between what we perceive as ‘nature’ and what as ‘our own human-made structures’?

In what way do architecture, walls, borders, and roads shape our experience?

Visualise the ‘construction’ of landscapes like parks, forests, dunes or the free flow of the Dutch tidal landscape. Some suggest there is no original primaeval landscape.

Did all landscape as we know it become as it is today by human interaction?

Video - body in landscape

As part of the research for project Nerve, I make a video work in which two performers explore several landscapes through all their senses. From busy city streets to parks (like the Vondelpark), forest, dunes and even construction sites to our closest environment - the ‘home’. For this, we use different techniques and our backgrounds as trained performers, visual artist, dramaturge and anthropologist/ filmmaker.

Searching for similarities between architecture and our body. Balancing between new possibilities and existing expectations hidden in the landscape.

Landscape research Den Helder – between 01-02/30-06-2021

At Den Helder, we find a very diverse landscape to conduct research including dunes, sand, sea, concrete, grass, forest, city and parks - all in a very short distance from each other. Here, we continue to document landscape experiences.

Landscape photography by Iris Woutera, as research for project Nerve.

Artist in residence OT301, 01-02/ 30-04-2021

Based on these ‘landscape experiences’, the project is situated back into the gallery in OT301, where I re-use materials I find in the urban landscape and in nature.

In April 2021, I completed the first Nerve sculpture, made out of metal, rubber and recycled wood.

Artist in residence LekArt – 01-05/ 30-05-2021

In May I will translate the research into a second, space-filling sculpture – a white pleated landscape that kinetically responds to physical movement, enhanced by the sound the material makes.

During my stay at LekArt the public is always allowed to enter my working space. So, producing the sculpture becomes a bit like a performance itself, approachable and visible.

This work will be developed as both a sculptural performance and a guided participatory experience for the audience. The performers guide the audience through the sculpture with their voice. The material becomes the medium for the audience to feel each other’s movement, with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. As an extension of the "nerves" of the human body.


In June, I will continue working in the old industrial building of Door Creative Studio residency at HEM terrain in Zaandam where the work will be presented later this summer.


Performers Bryan Atmopawiro, Kim Hoogterp

Videographer Veerle Boekestijn

Photographer Alina Fejzo

Special thanks to Clarinde Wesselink