Nerve (2021) is an exploration of the tension between the environment and humans. 

And the perspective from which you observe. Mountains, trees, leaves, dikes, rivers, people, buildings, objects, garbage or cars – what timeline do they follow? Who is visiting and what is already present? The landscape is shaped by what passes through, and in turn, the landscape forms its visitor.


Nerve is a collection of intertwined works, consisting of sculpture, installation, and video. 

It questions spatial relationships: how we deal with the modern area of the Anthropocene. These questions are brought to life by the dialogue between the artworks and the bodies of two performers.

Body in Landscape 

The Earth is made up of patterns that reoccur on every scale. Grains of sand resemble mountains, depending on your viewpoint. 

The installation Body in Landscape gives an introduction to movement in different landscapes of the Netherlands. An environmental fragment was taken from every site, that forms a database. Each object carries its own origin story – and shows the effects of the passing of time and physical force.  

The video and drawings show the human body in direct sensory contact with its surroundings. And the public is invited by directional texts to experience a spatial exploration themselves. 

Nerve – Landscape 1. 

This landscape sculpture follows anatomy, like a spine rolling along with its carrier. Its raw materials are extracted from urban terrain and, after being processed, return as a new architecture. Built of steel, rubber, and wood, the material invites to act spatially - leaving traces and creating landmarks. 
The mechanism clicks and snaps in all its heaviness, guided by the voice of its wearer. While movements and sounds echo, it contours a spatial/ dimensional discourse. 

The question remains who or what is more empowered? As we devote ourselves to material labor, resources seem to take over and lead us.