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BLOB (binary large object) is a – potentially large – data element (in computer science terminology). Or a formless, indistinct substance. 


Blob (2020-today) are four sculptures, which relate to gravity through a diverse filling, consisting of water, sand, air and helium. The sculptures are ambiguous; attractive in shape, color and material, but also unpredictable in movement. 


This work uses material as a medium to investigate the physical effect of strong emotions such as fear and stress on the human body. Stress affects our understanding of the space around us and how we perceive ourselves in it – literally changing the experience of pressure on the body. The most basic reactions of man to stress are fleeing, fighting and freezing - from which breathing can provide a breakout. 


Woutera made these sculptures in her atelier at the Achtertuin. And rehearsed with four performers to make a live performance, which will be recorded as photo/video work in the GAEA studio. Instrument developer Dianne Verdonk creates a soundscape with the work. During Art Rotterdam Woutera shows a part of the sculpture works at de Achtertuin.


You can read more about the Blob process on the news page

The project will be released on this website page in July 2022. 

IMG_6627 copy.jpg

Sculpture exploration, title Blob, year 2018, material PVC, waterartist and photographer Iris Woutera.

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