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Deform (2015) is a performance in which a flexible cocoon envelops the human body. The combination of hard (plastic) and stretching (textile) provides a movable space, in which remarkable forms can be created. A performer plays with the material which in turn reacts to his / her movement.

The organic flow refers to forms in nature, such as plants, fishes or a gently swaying sea anemone.  

With Deform the body can freely experiment on every sensory impulse. The person inside the cocoon is anonymous, but expressive by movement. It is about the resourcefulness of the body and the discovery

of new movement patterns. The boundary between human, object and nature seems to blur. 

For the performer, the sculpture feels soft and familiar on the inside. The viewer experiences the spectacle on the outside as something more surreal. 

The work is a playful invitation for the public to associate without boundaries. 

Woutera made this work based on the inner need to distort structures that restrict. The work is an homage to expressive freedom.  


The performance will be accompanied by the lively string sound of an electric guitar.

It is a ‘live’ improvisation with (Aruban) classical influences. 

Deform is a durational and improvised performance, whereby the spectator determines his own time and place in the performance space. The work also exists as installation, video/ photo work, and drawings. Deform originated in 2016 and is further developed between 2016-2021. 
Music composed by Xavier Geerman (electric guitar), material recycled PVC, textile, amount 8 sculptures, dimensions average 50 x 200 cm. 

Presented as solo performance at Palais de Tokyo 2019 Paris. 
Selection of group expositions: "Neuhaus" The new Institute 2019 Rotterdam, "To Heal" Frascati 2019 Amsterdam, "The Garden Project" Art Rotterdam 2019, "CBKamer" CBK Amsterdam 2019. Published a.o. at the "De Grote Kunstkalender" Trichis 2019 Rotterdam.



Teaser of a video work, title Deform, year 2015, material textile, pvc, duration total video 00:10:00, duration teaser 00:01:05, artist Iris Woutera de Jong, videographer Veerle Boekenstijn, 
video editors Veerle Boekestijn, Iris Woutera de Jong, performers Kelly Vincent, Flora Nacer, Olga van Dijk.

Iris Woutera - Deform

Group exposition by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, location Citroën Garage Amsterdam, year 2015,
title Deform, material textile, pvc, 
artist Iris Woutera de Jong, photographer Omri Bigetz.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-14 om 17.14.31

Rehearsal documentation during 'Live Works' module given by Pien Vrijhof, location Gerrit Rietveld Academy, year 2015, title Deform, material textile, pvc, artist Iris Woutera, performer Flora Nacer.


Photography work, year 2019, title Deform, material textile, pvc, artist Iris Woutera de Jong, photographer Leonor von Salisch, performers Imola Nagy, Flora Nacer.

Iris Woutera - Deform

Photography work, year 2019, title Deform, material textile, pvc, artist Iris Woutera de Jong, photographer Leonor von Salisch, performers Imola Nagy, Flora Nacer.


Performance, location Palais de Tokyo in Paris, year 2019, title Deform, material textile, pvc,

duration 00:60:00, artist Iris Woutera de Jong, performers Imola Nagy, Flora Nacer,

Lena Glucksman Nilsson, music Joris Cohen (hang), Moniek de Leeuw (violin).


Installation, titel Deform, year 2020, material textile, pvc, artist Iris Woutera de Jong, photographer Alina Fejzo, location het HEM Zaandam during my time as studio artist.

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