Iris Woutera (1991) her work consists of spatial material combined with a sensory experience. This results in sculptures, performances, video work, photography, installation, workshops, drawings and smaller objects. The "moving" aspect of her work is leading.

Woutera looks for unexpected connections between people. Often in a 'live moment in which she looks for a direct relationship with the spectator and / or participants. Due to the abstract nature of her sculpture work, free association is possible.

Woutera's sculptures are made on a human scale, from body size to space-filling. They are like "tools" for the body, often foldable and therefore mobile. Their shape has an effect on the body and state of mind of the wearer, through the way they feel, move, the colors they have, the weight and the sound they make, etc.

Woutera investigates different layers of human experiences in contemporary society. Of sensory, physical, emotional, objective and intellectual perception. And has a great interest in how environments influence the interaction between people, from natural landscapes to cities. With her work she want to make sensitive perceptions of humanity open to discussion and make it tangible in a special way, such as dealing with fear, expressive freedom, balanced time and physical distance.

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Currently: Artist in residence OT301

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