What is it like to be who we are in modern society? This question has been the starting point for visual artist Iris Woutera. Her performances are made for exhibition spaces and site-specific locations. Other types of media, such as film, photo and drawings, stem from her live performances. She also conducts research and workshops. The "living" aspect of her work is leading.  


Iris Woutera's work moves with nature, time and the location where it takes place. She mostly works with recycled plastic and stretching materials. Her sculptures are brought to life by performers. Together with music, this is a sensory experience for the audience. In her work, bounderies between the human body and the environment seem to blur. She deals with themes such as social interaction, perception, imagining and a virtual or material reality versus nature. And she philosophizes on questions as: 'what is our "space-in-between", rhythm and molecular structure?  


For Iris, her work is a game in which she discovers life itself, and allows the audience to participate in a joint live moment. This is reflected in her method of working, in which she always enters into a dialogue with the other, at all stages of her work process.
Every performance is a new investigation into the synthesis between the work and its audience.

The images she creates are not fixed, but changeable. The performances are just a suggestion; a chance to open up. Which is different for every partaker and moment.


Iris Woutera de Jong (Rotterdam, 1991) finished her bachelor's degree in "Arts in Design" at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After this, she had several residencies and did motion research.

Her performances have a strong relationship with the environment in which they take place. This can be outside in nature, on the street, museums or a special location such as a church or an abandoned building. Her work has been shown at locations in the Netherlands, as well as abroad in "the Historical Museum" in Moscow, during the Prague Quadrennial in Prague and Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

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Currently: Studio artist at Hem Museum  

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