The work of Iris Woutera (1991) consists of spatial material, which stimulates a sensory experience. This results in (interactive) performances, installations, videos, photography, drawings and workshops.

The ‘moving’ aspect of her work is the main component.


Woutera is interested in unexpected human interplay. She creates ‘live’ moments, with spectators and/or participants. With her work she searches for the essence of an almost universal experience. Nonetheless the work leaves room for the audience to interpret freely. Dialogues about different interpretations become part of the work itself. 


The sculptures of Woutera are made for the human body. They vary in size: from one person sized sculptures to larger space filling sculptures, for groups of people to move in. The person in the sculpture is influenced by how the material feels, the way it moves, the colour, the size, the form and even by the sounds it makes. The sculptures are like ‘tools’ for the body, that has an effect on the state of mind of the participant.   


Woutera investigates various layers of human sensations: sensory, physical, emotional and mental. In her own unique way she makes them tangible and therefore discussable. For instance the affect of stress, physical distance or expressive freedom. She is much interested in the interactions between people. With her work she likes to contribute to utopian relationships with these environments and the persons inside them.

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Currently: Artist in residence OT301

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