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The spatial work of Iris Woutera (1991) focuses on all the senses. This leads to a synergy of sculptures and performances, which also inspire her to make drawings, photos and video works. The essence is kinetic; an interaction between the movement of the human body and sculptures. 


Woutera's works are made around the human body. They are carried by one body, or form a connection between several people and their environment. The structure, weight, colour and sound of the work influence the wearer's state of mind. The sculptures act as a tool for connection, an extension of the human body. 


The process of making the sculptures is artisanal and primarily guided by chance. Contrasting combinations of materials generate a physical tension. 
While the abstract imagery leaves room for personal interpretation, the material refers to objects from everyday life. 


The installations are carried out by performers or invite the spectator to participate. The audience determines its own time and place and it is precisely in this uninhibited and improvised moment that the work obtains its meaning. 

Woutera is intrigued by the tension between universal experience and individual perception. Her work makes the trials of contemporary life tangible, and therefore easier to examine together. 

Woutera graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam in 2016, with a Bachelor of Arts in Design and a 3-year minor in performance. Her work has been presented as a solo performance at Palais de Tokyo in Paris 2019. She received a Mondriaan Fonds Young Talent grant in 2020, and currently works in Rotterdam on the work Blob - Binary Large Object.

For further inquiries, or a full CV contact:

Atelier Iris Woutera is currently based in Rotterdam.

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