SunLoom, folds from a flat shape (2D) to a voluminous reality (3D). This ultra-light sun hat combines functionality and minimalistic design. The clear shape keeps the wearer in the shade as well as being a contemporary statement. SunLoom is a product for the urban nomadic citizen, who can be found more on the road than at home. The hat can easily be folded and stored away in a supplied pouch. 
The design piece is handmade in Amsterdam by Dutch designer Iris Woutera. 

The flexible construction is made from recycled material. Available in the colors blue, light blue, lilac, red, salmon, black and gray. The sun hat is adjustable with a velcro strap to the desired size. 


SunLoom, designer Iris Woutera de Jong,  photographer Laurence Harms .  


SunLoom, designer Iris Woutera de Jong,  photographer Laurence Harms .  

© iris woutera de jong

Credits: Graphic design by Jasper Branse, text by Yvette Benningshof / Claartje Chajes

Met dank aan alle mensen die zich hebben ingezet voor de projecten!