Deform Sensibility is a collaboration between movement teacher Ymke Fros and artist Iris Woutera. With the workshop, they hope to reduce the distance between art and the public. The partaker experiences the artwork from inside.
They will work with an intimate group of up to six people. The workshop starts with a warming up, after which you have half an hour to sense your own expression within the walls of the sculpture.
Do you want to take a peek at the neighbors? You can! There will be plenty of time to move through the material and also view the sculptures around you. Afterward, there will be a short discussion to exchange the experiences. 
In schools, we do this workshop with a short Deform performance beforehand, after which the children start working with exercise and material in the gym. To work on their own expression in a group context.

Screenshot video documentation, title workshop Deform Sensibility, year 2018, material textile, pvc, artist Iris Woutera de Jong, videographer Kyveproductions, movement teaching Chanti Mai.