Collective Loom (2018) is a space-filling spiral, which can be reduced to a flat circle on the floor. The stretch textile material has been processed into a 300 meters long construction. The installation is brought to life by performers. As by an intertwining loom, the interaction of the performers is if woven into fabric.


Collective Loom is a continuation of the work Looming (2016). Where Looming investigates personal space in relation to the environment, Collective Loom connects the space amidst participants in a group. What happens in our "in-between space"? The circular shape refers to the most basic form in which people connect: from a circle discussion to folk dances.  


The stretch material evokes associations of a moving sea, in which forms arise and disappear. Emerging opportunities are seized or omitted by the choice of performers, nothing has been concluded in advance. It is an ongoing performance. The spectator determines his own time and place in the performance space. The repetitive music is inspired by processes in nature and takes the viewer along in a stream without words.  


Collective Loom is a durative sculpture performance, one to four hours maximum. And also exists as video, photo work and in drawings.

The neo-classic music is composed live by Mink Steekelenburg (Winterdagen). Recycled material has been used for the sculpture. 

Exhibition location: "Fringe" 2018, a solo performance in Dokzaal - a former church.

Screenshot of a rehearsal, title Collective Loom, year 2018, artist Iris Woutera de Jong,

material textile,carbon, performance duration 60 minutes, music Mink Steekelenburg, performance Katarina Cvorovic, Masha Zhukova, location Dokzaal.  

Title Collective Loom, year 2018, performance duration 60 minutes, material textile, carbon, artist Iris Woutera de Jong, music Mink Steekelenburg, performers Denise Verschut, Katarina Cvorovic, Masha Zhukova, Liza Zhukova, Rebecca Collins, Wolf Govaerts, light design Paulina Prokop, photographer Omri Bigetz, location Dokzaal. 

Recycled pop-up tents, location Vondel CS, year 2018.

Recycled pop-up tents standing to dry, location Vondel CS, year 2018.