Iris Woutera is a designer who creates performance art that tingles the senses. 

She designs flexible sculptures, which are worn by dancers, thereby bringing them to life. 

Out of these special materials and moving forms a new story arises, which is free for the public to interpret. Dreamlike music is a significant part of her performances, which are always customized to a particular setting. Such as museums, but also theatre festivals, galleries

and the street.


Iris Woutera de Jong (1991, The Netherlands) successfully completed her Arts in Design 

study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. In 2017 she started her own company:

Iris Woutera Productions. She believes in a future in which design and nature will flow together. When choosing her material she looks for sustainable solutions. For example, for Deform

she used plastic leftovers from a vertical blinds factory.


She creates her movable design to the human dimension. ‘I like to reach everyone with my work, from the art lover to the unsuspecting passer-by. My goal is to take the public out of their

rational thoughts and let them experience together. This happens in a live moment, to eliminate separations and move into open interaction. In the future I want to invite the public to enter the sculptures themselves for a total body experience.’

“Lose your mind and come to your senses”

– Frederick Salomon Perls 

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Current position: Artist in resident at WOW.Amsterdam. 

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© iris woutera de jong

Credits: Graphic design by Jasper Branse, text by Yvette Benningshof / Claartje Chajes

Met dank aan alle mensen die zich hebben ingezet voor de projecten!